About Us

We are a small and cohesive team located in Bangalore, India. We've all been professional developers at one point in our careers. Four of us still spend a majority of our day thinking about and writing code. As developers, we know the ecstasy when a few lines of code actually helps make other people's lives richer and easier. However, a lot of our time is spent trying to work with other cumbersome and confusing things.

Our first product - the RazorFlow Dashboard Framework is meant to make the life of developers happy by empowering them to build an amazing experience for a very common project - an interactive data-driven dashboard. We researched how people build dashboards, and personally spoke to several hundred beta testers, re-wrote the entire framework more than once, and performed endless iterations over a span of 3 years until we felt we nailed how dashboards should be built.

In our free time, we are avid players of CS:GO, and contribute to various open-source projects.