The grand, unified experience

An orchestra consists of several instruments each playing a single tune. However when they come together just right, it becomes a symphony. Everything fits together and magic is made. A RazorFlow Dashboard is made up of different components, each showing the data you choose. But when they come together, they become more than the sum of their parts. We call this the Grand Unified Experience.

Everything in RazorFlow is designed with the experience in mind, and to ensure that everything fits together, to delight the user, and to turn your data into a symphony.

Powerful and great looking charts

RazorFlow Dashboard Framework features comes built-in with a custom charting engine which is built for modern browsers and touch devices. Use a simple, intuitive API to configure charts and work with features like:

  • Combining multiple chart types
  • Dual Y Axes
  • Intelligent Label Management

Keep your eyes on your KPIs

The humble KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is among the simplest but also most valuable components. A few numbers conveying so much information.

RazorFlow KPIs are supercharged with useful features like Real-time updates, sparklines, gauges, targets, win-loss indicators and much more.

Includes several useful UI elements

A Dashboard is more than just raw charts and tables. There are several other UI elements and utilities that are needed.

RazorFlow Dashboard Framework is jam-packed with nifty useful things like forms, tabs, and many more. The only way you'll know for sure is if you Try RazorFlow today