Create a Tabbed Dashboard

What is a Tabbed Dashboard?

A Tabbed Dashboard allows you to separate dashboards by tabs. RazorFlow Framework allows you to create:

  1. A Standalone Tabbed Dashboard
  2. Embedding a Tabbed Dashboard onto a webpage.

To create a new standalone dashboard follow these steps:

  1. Create a new PHP file yourdashboard.php which is inside your document root (you can change this file to anything).
  2. Create individual dashboard classes by extending the Dashboard class.
  3. Create a dashboard by extending the TabbedDashboard class.
  4. Use setTabbedDashboardTitle to set the tabbed dashboard title.
  5. Use addDashboardTab to add individual dashboards to the tabbed dashboard object.
  6. Use setActive on a dashboard to set the active dashboard.
  7. Render the tabbed Dashboard using renderStandalone.

Here's a quick example php snippet on how you would add a Standalone Tabbed Dashboard.

// Require the RazorFlow php wrapper
// You can rename the "MyDashboard" class to anything you want

class SalesDashboard extends Dashboard {
  public function buildDashboard(){
    $chart = new ChartComponent("chart1");
    $chart->setCaption("The first Chart");
    $chart->setDimensions (4, 4);
    $chart->setLabels (["Jan", "Feb", "Mar"]);
    $chart->addSeries ("beverages", "Beverages", array(1355, 1916, 1150));
    $chart->addSeries ("packaged_foods", "Packaged Foods", array(1513, 976, 1321));

    $this->addComponent ($chart);

class UsersDashboard extends Dashboard {

  public function buildDashboard() {
    $kpi = new KPIComponent('kpi');
    $kpi->setDimensions(3, 3);
    $kpi->setCaption('Online Users');

    $this->setDashboardTitle('Online Users');

class MyDashboard extends TabbedDashboard {
  public function buildDashboard () {
    $sales = new SalesDashboard();
    $users = new UsersDashboard();

    $this->setTabbedDashboardTitle("Tabbed Dashboard");

$dashboard = new MyDashboard ()
$dashboard->renderStandalone ();