Add components to your dashboard

What is a component object?

A component object is an instance of a component class like ChartComponent, etc. For example, if you have the code:

$chart1 = new ChartComponent();

here, $chart1 is the component object. Calling functions on this $chart1 object like $chart1->setCaption() will only affect this component and not any other component.

Adding components to the dashboard

Once you have created a dashboard, and configured the components, you can add components to the dashboard using $this->addComponent. So to summarize, the process is:

  1. Create a new file.
  2. Create a class extending StandaloneDashboard
  3. Create a public function buildDashboard
  4. Add a component object inside the buildDashboard function
  5. Configure the component
  6. Use addComponent to add the component to the dash board.
  7. Create an object of the class that was defined
  8. Open the PHP page in your browser
class SampleDasboard extends StandaloneDashboard{
  public function buildDashboard(){
    $chart = new ChartComponent("chart_1");
    $chart->setCaption ("Chart Caption goes Here");


$db = new SampleDasboard();

Overriding component order in the dashboard

You can change the order of the components displayed in the dashboard by calling the overrideDisplayOrderIndex function on the component and specifying an index. like this,

    $chart->overrideDisplayOrderIndex (3);


class SampleDashboard extends StandaloneDashboard {
  public function buildDashboard(){

$c1 = new KPIComponent('kpi1');
$c1->setDimensions (3, 2);
$c1->setCaption ('KPI 1');
$c1->setValue (42);

$this->addComponent ($c1);

$c2 = new KPIComponent('kpi2');
$c2->setDimensions (3, 2);
$c2->setCaption ('KPI 2');
$c2->setValue (43);
$this->addComponent ($c2);

$c3 = new KPIComponent('kpi3');
$c3->setDimensions (3, 2);
$c3->setCaption ('KPI 3');
$c3->setValue (44);
$this->addComponent ($c3);

$c1->overrideDisplayOrderIndex (2);
$c2->overrideDisplayOrderIndex (1);
$c3->overrideDisplayOrderIndex (0);

} }

$db = new SampleDashboard(); $db->renderStandalone();