Chart Series Configuration

Change series/chart type

The series type is also sometimes called the "Chart Type". You can make a single series display as a Line or a Column. More display types like Area will be supported in later releases.

To change the chart series, set the seriesDisplayType property while adding a series using addSeries like this:

    $chart->addSeries ("beverages", "Beverages", array(1355, 1916, 1150), array(
        "seriesDisplayType" => "line"

Acceptable values are:

  • line
  • column

Format the display numbers

You can change the way the numbers are displayed in the series for showing currencies, percentages, etc. You can also change the way decimals, comma-separators and other aspects are handled.

You can configure the the series formats numbers by setting properties in the addSeries function. For example, we will configure the number prefix to be a "$" (commonly used currency symbol) and set numberForceDecimals which ensures that the decimals will always be shown.

    $chart->addSeries ("packaged_foods", "Packaged Foods", array([1513, 976, 1321), array(
        "numberPrefix" => "$ ",
        "numberForceDecimals" => true 

For a full list of number formatting options, and how to use them, refer to Number formatting options.

Change series color

You can change the series color using the seriesColor property while adding a series.

    $chart->addSeries ("beverages", "Beverages", array(1355, 1916, 1150), array(
        "seriesColor" => "a4c9f3"

Complete example


class SampleDashboard extends StandaloneDashboard{ public function buildDashboard () { $chart = new ChartComponent("chart1"); $chart->setDimensions (4, 4); $chart->setCaption ("Series Formatting"); $chart->setLabels (array("Jan", "Feb", "Mar")); $chart->addSeries ("beverages", "Beverages", array(1355, 1916, 1150), array( "seriesDisplayType" => "line", "seriesColor" => "#a4c9f3" )); $chart->addSeries ("packaged_foods", "Packaged Foods", array(1513, 976, 1321), array( "numberPrefix" => "$", "numberForceDecimals" => true ));


} }

$db = new SampleDashboard(); $db->renderStandalone();