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Fond of coffee, long runs, wide open grassy spaces on cool summer mornings, Amon Amarth - a talented Swedish melodic death metal band, and the Vim text editor. Loves 80's heavy metal and has played in cover bands.

Anirudh Sanjeev

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

He is currently juggling between RazorFlow and FusionCharts, where he is also the co-founder and CEO. Of whatever money he is left with after spending, he invests in technology startups through his fund Seeders.

Pallav Nadhani

Co-Founder & Chief Hustler

Ameen leads the development of RazorFlow's JavaScript Core and spends free time by building experimental tools like JavaScript-compilers and isometric game engines. When he's not programming, he is programming.

Ameen Ahmed

JavaScript Lead, AWPer

Narendra works on the JavaScript core and the PHP Bindings. He plays basketball for an hour every morning, a fact that continues to baffle the rest of the team who have trouble waking up in time.

Narendra N Shetty


Amit leads the effort to make dashboards look, work and feel great. Computer, Food, Books and Games - give him any one and he can survive. Currently on a mission to find the best biryani in the world

Amit Das

UX Design Lead

Swaroop works on the JavaScript core, PHP Bindings and our documentation and testing infrastructure. Loves chocolate, working on open source projects (including his own static site generator), and playing guitar.

Swaroop SM